Bruce W. Gore
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Christian Studies

Thanks for taking a look at this interactive course, New Testament Greek for Beginners, taught by Bruce Gore. As the name implies, the course is intended for absolute beginners to the Greek language, but by the time you are done, you will have a very solid foundation in the original language of the New Testament. The course uses the classic Greek textbook by J. Gresham Machen (readily available from on-line booksellers for about $10 - $15), along with videos, answer keys, interactive practice exercises, and quizzes, in a self-paced journey through the thirty-three chapters of Machen's fine little text. If you would like to see a brief video by Bruce explaining how the course works (which is highly recommended!), click the button labeled 'video' below. This course is organized in four units. Each unit costs $20 US. Payment is handled securely through PayPal. To register for the course, click 'register,' below. If you have further questions, you may e-mail Bruce directly at Thanks for your interest. Hope to see you in Greek!