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 IDTitleStartYearVeritasEndYearBibleRefGradeCardNumClass Usage
Classes1 ��������Creation-4000 -4000Genesis 1-221 
Classes2 ��������The Fall in the Garden-4000 -4000Genesis 322 
Classes3 ��������Cain and Abel-4000 -4000Genesis 423 
Classes5 ��������The Flood-3000 -3000Genesis 6 - 924 
Classes7 ��������Tower of Babel-2200 -2200Genesis 1125 
Classes8 ��������Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by Menes-3000 -3000NULL26 
Classes9 ��������The Old Kingdom in Egypt-2600 -2200NULL27 
Classes10 �������First Intermediate Period in Egypt-2181-2200-2040NULL28 
Classes12 �������Call of Abram-1876-2091-1876Genesis 12 - 1329 
Classes13 �������God's Covenant with Abraham-1866-2082-1866Genesis 15 - 17210 
Classes14 �������Hagar and Ishmael-1865-2080-1865"Genesis 16, 21"211 
Classes15 �������Sodom and Gomorrah-1851-2080-1851Genesis 18-19212 
Classes16 �������Birth and Sacrifice of Isaac-1836-2066-1836Genesis 21 - 22213 
Classes17 �������The Middle Kingdom in Egypt-2040-2050-1782NULL214 
Classes20 �������Joseph as a Slave-1683-1898-1683Genesis 37 - 40215 
Classes21 �������Famine in Egypt-1662-1898-1655Genesis 41 - 47216 
Classes22 �������The Twelve Tribes of Israel-1720-1860-1700Genesis 29-36; 46-50217 
Classes23 �������Second Intermediate Period in Egypt-1782-1800-1570NULL218 
Classes24 �������Code of Hammurabi-1792 -1750NULL219 
Classes25 �������Hyksos Invasion of Egypt-1720-1730-1570NULL220 
Classes26 �������Early New Kingdom in Egypt-1570 -1300NULL221 
Classes27 �������Moses' Birth-1527-1525-1527Exodus 1 - 2222 
Classes29 �������Plagues in Egypt-1447-1446-1446Exodux 3 - 12223 
Classes30 �������The Exodus-1446 -1446Exodus 13 - 15224 
Classes31 �������Ten Commandments-1446-1445-1446Exodus 19 - 20225 
Classes45 �������Amenhotep IV and Monotheism-1350-1361-1334NULL226 
Classes49 �������Reign of Tutankhamon-1350-1333-1325NULL227 
Classes50 �������Later New Kingdom in Egypt-1300 -1070NULL228 
Classes65 �������Davidic Kingdom-1010-1011-9701&2 Sa.; 1 Chr.229 
Classes71 �������Solomon's Reign-970-971-9301 Ki. 1-11; 2 Chr. 1-9230 
Classes121 ������Alexander the Great Conquers Egypt-332 -332NULL231 
Classes125 ������Egypt Falls to Rome-30 -30NULL232 
Classes11 �������Minoan Culture-2200 -1450NULL31 
Classes200 ������Mycenaen Culture-1450 -1200NULL32 
Classes51 �������Trojan War-1220-1250-1220NULL33 
Classes52 �������Phoenician Civilization and the Alphabet-1200 -1000NULL34 
Classes77 �������Israel Divides into Two Kingdoms-931 -931"1 Kngs 1, 2 Chr 10"35 
Classes80 �������Homer and Greek Mythology-800-900-700NULL36 
Classes89 �������The Olympics-776 -776NULL37 
Classes91 �������Founding of Rome-753 -753NULL38 
Classes92 �������"Greece Colonized, Democracy Begins"-750 -508NULL39 
Classes93 �������Israel and Judah Fall-722 -586"2 Kings 17, 25"310 
Classes94 �������Prophets of God-740 -433NULL311 
Classes105 ������Roman Republic Developed-509 -366NULL312 
Classes109 ������Persian Wars-500 -480NULL313 
Classes118 ������Pericles and the Peloponnesian War-461 -404NULL314 
Classes119 ������Greek Philosophers-450 -322NULL315 
Classes114 ������Nehemiah and the Jewish Return-444 -444NULL316 
Classes120 ������Alexander the Great-356 -323NULL317 
Classes122 ������Architectural Advances in Rome-250 -250NULL318 
Classes123 ������Rome Rises to World Power-146 -146NULL319 
Classes124 ������Reign of Julius Caesar-59 -44NULL320 
Classes126 ������Reign of Caesar Augustus-27 14NULL321 
Classes130 ������Birth of Christ-5-3-5"Mat. 1, Luk. 2"322 
Classes135 ������Ministry of John the Baptist27 27"Mat.3, Mrk.1, Lk.3, John 1"323 
Classes138 ������Ministry of Christ27 30"Matt, Mark, Luke, John"324 
Classes155 ������"Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Christ"30 30"Mt. 27, Mk. 15, Lk. 23, Jn. 19"325 
Classes190 ������"Rome Burns, Nero Persecutes Christians"64 64NULL326 
Classes191 ������Destruction of Jerusalem70 70NULL327 
Classes192 ������Pompeii Burns79 79NULL328 
Classes193 ������Split of the Roman Empire286 286NULL329 
Classes194 ������Constantine and the Edict of Milan313 313NULL330 
Classes195 ������The First Council of Nicea325 325NULL331 
Classes201.1 ����End of the Western Roman Empire476 476NULL332 
Classes197 ������St. Augustin Converts to Christianity386 386NULL41 
Classes198 ������Barbarian Invasion and Vikings400 1000NULL42 
Classes199 ������St. Jerome Completes the Vulgate405 405NULL43 
Classes201 ������The Council of Chalcedon451 451NULL44 
Classes202 ������St. Benedict and Monasticism540 540NULL45 
Classes203 ������Justinian the Great527 565NULL46 
Classes204 ������Mohammed and Islam570 632NULL47 
Classes205 ������"Charles Martel, Pepin the Short, and Charlemagne"714 814NULL48 
Classes206 ������Alfred the Great871 901NULL49 
Classes207 ������Otto I and the Holy Roman Empire962 973NULL410 
Classes208 ������The East-West Schism1054 1054NULL411 
Classes209 ������The Feudal System1000 1400NULL412 
Classes210 ������William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings1066 1066NULL413 
Classes211 ������Cathedrals in Europe1100 1100NULL414 
Classes212 ������The Crusades1095 1250NULL415 
Classes213 ������St. Francis of Assisi1182 1224NULL416 
Classes214 ������The Magna Carta1215 1215NULL417 
Classes215 ������St. Thomas Aquinas1225 1274NULL418 
Classes216 ������Marco Polo1254 1324NULL419 
Classes217 ������"Hundred Years War, the Black Death, Joan of Arc"1337 1453NULL420 
Classes218 ������The Great Papal Schism1376 1417NULL421 
Classes219 ������John Wycliffe and John Huss1380 1380NULL422 
Classes221 ������Fall of Constantinople and Mohammed II1453 1453NULL423 
Classes222 ������Gutenberg Prints the Bible1456 1456NULL424 
Classes223 ������The Renaissance1300 1517NULL425 
Classes225 ������The Inquisition1478 1478NULL426 
Classes226 ������Martin Luther Begins the Reformation1517 1517NULL427 
Classes228 ������Ulrich Zwingli and the Anabaptists1525 1525NULL428 
Classes229 ������The Act of Supremacy1534 1534NULL429 
Classes230 ������John Calvin and the Institutes1536 1536NULL430 
Classes232 ������The Council of Trent1545 1563NULL431 
Classes233 ������"John Knox, the Scottish Reformer"1560 1560NULL432 
Classes220 ������Prince Henry the Navigator1394 1460NULL51 
Classes224 ������Columbus Sails to the New World1492 1492NULL52 
Classes227 ������Magellan Circumnavigates the Earth1519 1522NULL53 
Classes231 ������"Cortes, de Soto, de Leon, Coronado, Sp. Explorers"1513 1538NULL54 
Classes234 ������"Explorers of Northeast: Cartier, Champlain, Cabot"1497 1603NULL55 
Classes235 ������Raleigh Settles Roanoke1585 1585NULL56 
Classes236 ������Jamestown is Founded in Virginia1607 1607NULL57 
Classes237 ������The Mayflower Lands at Plymouth1620 1620NULL58 
Classes238 ������Pilgrims Build Plymouth Colony1621 1621NULL59 
Classes239 ������"Massachusettes Bay Colony, Home of the Puritans"1630 1630NULL510 
Classes240 ������"Roger Williams, Founder of Rhode Island"1636 1636NULL511 
Classes241 ������Salem Witch Trials1692 1692NULL512 
Classes242 ������13 Colonies Formed1620 1733NULL513 
Classes243 ������The First Great Awakening1740 1742NULL514 
Classes244 ������Colonial Trading with England1750 1750NULL515 
Classes245 ������The French and Indian Wars1754 1763NULL516 
Classes246 ������Parliament Acts Unjustly1764 1774NULL517 
Classes247 ������The 1st Continental Congress Seeks Peace1774 1774NULL518 
Classes248 ������The War for Independence Begins1775 1775NULL519 
Classes249 ������British Lose at Bunker Hill1775 1775NULL520 
Classes250 ������America Declares its Independence1776 1776NULL521 
Classes251 ������Washington Commands the Continental Army1775 1781NULL522 
Classes252 ������Winter at Valley Forge1777 1778NULL523 
Classes253 ������Yorktown and the Treaty of Paris1781 1783NULL524 
Classes254 ������The Constitutional Convention1787 1787NULL525 
Classes255 ������America's Founding Fathers1788 1788NULL526 
Classes256 ������"Washington, Our First President"1789 1789NULL527 
Classes257 ������The Louisiana Purchase from France1803 1803NULL528 
Classes258 ������The Lewis and Clark Expedition1805 1805NULL529 
Classes259 ������The Second Great Awakening1799 1830NULL530 
Classes260 ������The War of 18121812 1814NULL531 
Classes261 ������The Missouri Compromise1820 1820NULL532 
Classes262 ������The Monroe Doctrine1823 1823NULL61 
Classes263 ������Travelling the Erie Canal1825 1825NULL62 
Classes264 ������Jacksonian Democracy1828 1836NULL63 
Classes265 ������The Cotton Gin Establishes the South1830 1830NULL64 
Classes266 ������Slavery in the South1780 1865NULL65 
Classes267 ������The Cherokee Trail of Tears1830 1830NULL66 
Classes268 ������Remember the Alamo1835 1835NULL67 
Classes269 ������Westward Expansion1841 1841NULL68 
Classes270 ������War with Mexico1846 1848NULL69 
Classes271 ������'49ers and the California Gold Rush1849 1849NULL610 
Classes272 ������Opening the Oregon Territory1850 1850NULL611 
Classes273 ������"Lincoln, the 16th President"1861 1865NULL612 
Classes274 ������War Between the States1861 1865NULL613 
Classes275 ������The Battle of Gettysburg1863 1863NULL614 
Classes276 ������Great Generals of the War Between the States1861 1865NULL615 
Classes277 ������Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad1869 1869NULL616 
Classes278 ������Reconstructing the South1865 1870NULL617 
Classes279 ������Black Leadership Emerges in the South1870 1870NULL618 
Classes280 ������The Age of Industry1870 1900NULL619 
Classes281 ������The Battle of Little Big Horn1876 1876NULL620 
Classes282 ������Cowboys and the West1870 1890NULL621 
Classes283 ������The Spanish American War1898 1898NULL622 
Classes284 ������A President Named Teddy1901 1909NULL623 
Classes285 ������Immigration to America1900 1900NULL624 
Classes286 ������Wright Brothers and Other Inventors1903 1903NULL625 
Classes287 ������The Great War1914 1918NULL626 
Classes288 ������The Roaring Twenties1920 1929NULL627 
Classes289 ������The Great Depression1933 1945NULL628 
Classes290 ������"World War II, the Biggest War"1939 1945NULL629 
Classes291 ������"The Cold War, Korea and Vietnam"1945 1989NULL630 
Classes292 ������The Space Race1957 1969NULL631 
Classes293 ������Modern America1980 2000NULL632