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10/14/201805. David and Saul Finally Meet (1 Samuel 22 - 24)1 Samuel221Play Audio
10/7/20184. David Escapes to Gath (1 Sam. 20:18 - 21:15)1 Samuel2018Play Audio Play Video
9/30/20183. David, Jonathan, and Saul (1 Samuel 18 - 20)1 Samuel191Play Audio Play Video
9/23/20182. David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17)1 Samuel171Play Audio Play Video
9/16/20181. Samuel Anoints David (1 Samuel 16)1 Samuel161Play Audio Play Video
6/10/2018SERMON: The Centurion's ConfessionMark1539Play Audio
6/3/2018SERMON: A Curtain is TornMark1533Play Audio
5/20/201864. The Appendix to Mark's GospelMark169Play Audio Play Video
5/13/201863. Resurrection NarrativesMark161Play Audio Play Video
4/22/201862. The Resurrection (Mark 16:1-8)Mark161Play Audio Play Video
4/15/201861. The Burial of Jesus (Mark 15:40-47)Mark1540Play Audio Play Video
4/8/201860. The Death of Jesus (Mark 15:33-39)Mark1533Play Audio
3/25/201859. The Crucifixion (Mark 15:16-32)Mark1516Play Audio Play Video
3/18/201858. Pilate meets Jesus (Mark 15:1-15)Mark151Play Audio Play Video
3/11/201857. Caiaphas Affirms; Peter Denies (Mark 14:60-72)Mark1460Play Audio Play Video
2/25/201856. Jesus Arrested (Mark 14:43-52)Mark1443Play Audio Play Video
2/18/201855. The Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:27-42)Mark1427Play Audio Play Video
11/19/201754. The Final Passover (Mark 14:12-26)Mark1412Play Audio Play Video
11/12/201753. The Anointing at Bethany (13:32 - 14:11)Mark141Play Audio Play Video
11/5/201752. The Coming of the Son of Man (Mark 14:24-31)Mark1324Play Audio Play Video
10/29/201751. The Olivet Discourse (part 2: Mark 13:9-23)Mark139Play Audio Play Video
10/22/201750. The Olivet Discourse (Mark 12:31-13:8)Mark1231Play Audio Play Video