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I was looking today for some history on Chanukah that we are celebrating just now... and came across your website and history lectures. I find your style very accessible and just enough information to sort of assimilate in the time allowed. We may not agree on theology, but the history lessons are so good. Thanks for taking your time to study and then offering the sessions online! Chava MNUSA
I love your website and i am learning so much from your historical lectures in the bible.But i have always wondered how can a Semitic man like Moses pass for a native Egyptian and live in the Egyptian court of Pharaoh himself without being found out that he was Semitic and not black African like what the Egyptians were at the time.Can i get your thoughts on this. Thanks [Reply] Thanks so much for your kind e-mail! It was a pleasure to hear from you. Your question raises interesting questions, and I can only offer a modest suggestion. First, I'm not sure whether skin pigmentation was much of a criteria at that time. Moses would certainly have been middle eastern and his skin color and might not have varied much from that of the rulers. It seems likely, however, that whatever his skin color may have been, Moses was known to be Semitic. I imagine that he simply got a 'pass' because of his attachment to the daughter of Pharaoh, maybe Hatshepsut, and was accepted on that basis, at least in the royal circles close to her. It's difficult, from a distance of several thousand years, to assess the politics of the time, but somehow Moses must have been accepted in the royal family notwithstanding his Hebrew origins. YisraelActonMontanaUSA
Thanks for your response. I tend to lean on what Josephus and the other Jews who lived during his lifetime taught on this matter. It makes more sense to me than Pharaoh just giving him (Moses) a pass. We have to remember this is happening right after the rule of the heqa khaseshet, in Egypt and so because of this fact there must have been great resentment to the Semitic foreigners in the land and so Moses and his Kindred as well. I quote from Josephus Antiquities: "Thermuthis therefore perceiving him to be so remarkable a child, adopted him for her son, having no child of her own. And when one time had carried Moses to her father, she showed him to him, and said she thought to make him her successor, if it should please God she should have no legitimate child of her own; and to him, "I have brought up a child who is of a divine form, and of a generous mind; and as I have received him from the bounty of the river, in , I thought proper to adopt him my son, and the heir of thy kingdom." And she had said this, she put the infant into her father's hands: so he took him, and hugged him to his breast; and on his daughter's account, in a pleasant way, put his diadem upon his head; but Moses threw it down to the ground, and, in a puerile mood, he wreathed it round, and trod upon his feet, which seemed to bring along with evil presage concerning the kingdom of Egypt. But when the sacred scribe saw this, (he was the person who foretold that his nativity would the dominion of that kingdom low,) he made a violent attempt to kill him; and crying out in a frightful manner, he said, "This, O king! this child is he of whom God foretold, that if we kill him we shall be in no danger; he himself affords an attestation to the prediction of the same thing, by his trampling upon thy government, and treading upon thy diadem. Take him, therefore, out of the way, and deliver the Egyptians from the fear they are in about him; and deprive the Hebrews of the hope they have of being encouraged by him." But Thermuthis prevented him, and snatched the child away. And the king was not hasty to slay him, God himself, whose providence protected Moses, inclining the king to spare him. He was, therefore, educated with great care. So the Hebrews depended on him, and were of good hopes great things would be done by him; but the Egyptians were suspicious of what would follow such his education. Yet because, if Moses had been slain, there was no one, either akin or adopted, that had any oracle on his side for pretending to the crown of Egypt, and likely to be of greater advantage to them, they abstained from killing him.This makes more sense to me. [Reply] I certainly appreciate Flavius Josephus as an important secondary source. It seems to me the narrative he provides here is at least broadly compatible with the theory of an 18th Dynasty timeframe, and that protection by Hatshepsut accounted for his survival in Pharaoh's household. YisraelActonMontanaUSA
Dear Bruce,Do you have any videos explaining Eastern Orthodox?Thank you,Allen [Hi Allen - thanks so much for your email, and post to my site. I'm sorry I've only dealt with the Orthodox branch of the church in passing occasionally. I appreciate the suggestion, and will keep it in mind as opportunity may present itself. Philip Schaff's 8 volume treatment of church history covers the history of the Eastern churches in considerable depth, and his series is available online at no charge if you are looking for background material. ]AllenHaywardCAUSA
Hi, I left a comment on 1 of your videos. I just wanted to make sure you saw it. They are really helpful and important to me.AaronDenverCOUSA
Fantastic resource! Our Home Group has been studying Church history for a couple of years, and these video lectures are just great. I search here every time now before wading through endless unhelpful or misinformed clips from the rest of the net. I'm recommending it to all my group.AndrewNorth Shore CityAucklandNew Zealand
I really enjoy your Biblical context lessons. I listen to them everyday during lunch. I even bought the book for reference. Today was the Exodus lesson and was pleasantly surprised to find your "leanings" very similar to my own. just wanted to say your efforts are appreciated and helpful in forwarding the Kingdom. May God bless your faithfulness. MarkMarkCastlewoodVaUSA
Very Grateful for your teaching on the Church and History Questions to follow down the road... Brother in CHRIST Mike HaydenMichaelFultonNYUSA
I tried to send you an e-mail a few minutes ago. I’m not sure it went out as I am having trouble with my e-mail. I’ve found your wonderful talks on the chronology of the Bible. I’m especially interested in the OT. Anyway, I ordered your book and I don’t seem to be able to use it like I thought. There’s a wealth of information but I don’t any about the Fall of Samaria and Jerusalem. Am I doing this wrong? Thank you very much. Barry Bilger BarryBrownsboroTexasUS
Love the website. I've been on a journey of Theology and History, thanks for your diligence. Like you lectures and your to-the-pointness. Found you reading up on 30 years war, you preliminary words before the explanation of the war is was a good outline, detailing the formation of the rulers and their means to an end(murder at times). Your candidness was noticed. Will be paying attention, I like studying NT wright, though, I recognice, like C.S. Louis the new perspective(E.P. Sanders excluded so far) jumps track once in a while, Luke Timothy Johnson, John Walton, E.M. Bounds sounds the call to prayer, Deitrich Bonheoffer, G.K. Beale, J.I. Packer, and Douglas Moo, William Marty, David Peterson, Richard Wurmbrand(so insightful), suggestions for your readers. Sincerely JosephJosephBlairsVirginiaUSA
Hello Bruce,Isaiah 52:4 is taken by some readers to infer that the Pharaoh of the exodus was not a native Egyptian. Others see this as a reference to Egyptian and then a later Assyrian oppression. Is there any evidence or record that would associate Pharaoh with Assyria?regards,Anthony. [Reply: The common view is that the reference to Assyria applies to its later experience involving the deportation in 722, and the conflict involving Hezekiah. At the time of the Exodus, Assyria was dominated by the Kassites, and there is no evidence of any involvement with Egypt.]anthonysunburyvictoriaaustralia
I began with your video on Antiochus Epiphanes looking to see how you handled the Abomination that Makes desolate. I will say you did that very well though I believe you missed the point of Jesus referencing this in Matt.24:15+16. I do not make a double application here and you did well historically and with the application of this text! I also do not represent a religious denomination which gives me an advantage over you. I have never had to please men. BTW, I am not a novice in these subjects you attempt to address but you will have to make that decision for yourself.Since then I proceeded to go through many of your video's to see where you are or I should say, where you are not.I will say this at this point of the above subject:The Covenant of Salt with David:II Chron.13:5: Ought ye not to know that the LORD God of Israel gave the kingdom over Israel to David for ever, even to him and to his sons by a covenant of salt?Num:18:19: All the heave offerings of the holy things, which the children of Israel offer unto the LORD, have I given thee, and thy sons and thy daughters with thee, by a statute for ever: it is a covenant of salt for ever before the LORD unto thee and to thy seed with thee.Psalms 83: I have made a covenant with my chosen, I have sworn unto David my servant,4: Thy seed will I establish for ever, and build up thy throne to all generations. Selah.34: My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.35: Once have I sworn by my holiness that I will not lie unto David.36: His seed shall endure forever, and his throne as the sun before me.37: It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven. Selah.This is enough to establish that the Bible clearly expresses that a man of David's descent has been on the Throne of David over the House of Israel throughout every generation since it's removal during the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC until Jesus came and took that dominion and reign Peter references in Acts 2. That's 620 years generally unaccounted for and even denied by many so called Bible scholars and Bible commentaries. I assure you, God kept His word to David and these scholars and commentaries are wrong even if you missed it altogether yourself. Furthermore, yes, there was a span of 'less' than one generation during which the throne and seed of David of the line of Phares was removed and relocated by Jeremiah in the 6th century BC and is well recorded in the book of Jeremiah but in less than one generation that woman of the kings seed produced a son to sit on Davids Throne over the house of Israel and continued that reign until Shiloh came! This has obviously evaded you! It was Jeremiah's commission!Acts 225: For David speaketh concerning him, I foresaw the Lord always before my face, for he is on my right hand, that I should not be moved:26: Therefore did my heart rejoice, and my tongue was glad; moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope:27: Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.28: Thou hast made known to me the ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance.29: Men and brethren, let me freely speak unto you of the patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried, and his sepulchre is with us unto this day.30: Therefore being a prophet, and knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him, that of the fruit of his loins, according to the flesh, he would raise up Christ to sit on his throne;31: He seeing this before spake of the resurrection of Christ, that his soul was not left in hell, neither his flesh did see corruption.32: This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses.NOTE: "Thy seed will I establish for ever, and build up thy throne to all generations" Ps.8:4 and "raise up Christ to sit on his throne; He seeing this before spake of the resurrection of Christ," Acts 2:30+31I believe that you missed both aspects here.Your presentations on the Preterist and the Historical views of Revelation were deplorable, to say the least. You do not know these subject very well at all. I wouldn't expect you to understand the prophetic language of Jeremiah anymore than you do the Revelation. I marvel that you even understand the vision that Peter had on the roof top before going to the house of Cornelius if the answers had not been provided in the text itself. Sorry, but it's true.I realize that you are sincere and earnest but I don't find you biblically as knowledgeable as you think you are.If you care to discuss any of this or not is just fine with me.The very best to you and yours.BTW, Your coverage on the communion is wrong.Now lets see if you reply and how you reply. [REPLY: Thank you very much for taking the time to post this message. I will certainly consider the perspective you have summarize here.]SteveGlenwoodArkansasUSA
I have purchased the book "Historical Context of the Bible" Is this book available on CD or DVD? BobRev. BobCambridgeON.Canada
Hello dear Bruce. I am Susan, age 74, and at age 11 my family joined Tenth Pres. Phila PA. I sat under Dr. Barnhouse for 4 years and later went out under Jim Boice to Wycliffe, Perú. I am eating up your history videos on You Tube and enjoying how it contrasts and supplements what I read in Will Durant's sixth volume of Story of Civilization, "The Reformation." A few minutes ago I found you have a series on Romans! You may know Barnhouse preached on Romans for five years!.... I have looked at your bio and now have a fun question since I recognize accents so easily! Is there any chance you or your parents spent a good deal of time in Pittsburgh, PA?? :-) Your vowels and some of the cadence of your timing remind me vividly of Jim Boice (James Montgomery!) However I rarely if ever get practice on Spokane WA speech! Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving! Susan WelchSusanCatalinaAZUSA
I was reading and youtubing the 12 plaques of the Exodus and Mr. Gore shared he extensively went over how the Egyptian gods seemed to turn against Egypt ... Is this information for sale in book form, or somewhere that I can find ? Thank youBrianfishkillnyusa
Dear Mr. Gore, I just want to take time to personally thank you!!! It has been an absolute dream of mine to attend bible school, however do to life I am unable to do so. Anyhow i spend a great deal of time researching the history of the Bible, theology, and am just absolutely fascinated by the history of God. I have wished many times and too no prevail to come across teachings as yours so I could just simply learn. However every time i would there was always a price to be paid. And that is fine, however i believe there are super dedicated servants of God who give up their own personal pleasures in order to help others, and this is exactly what you have done. You could charge a great deal for your teachings but you give them away free. Let me tell you my friend this site is an absolute dream to me. It will give me what i need to pursue the things of which God has called me to. It was in a history search of antiochus epiphanes that i found your teaching on youtube and then by that video was lead to your site. I was extremely disappointed when i saw that the video had ended on youtube and directed me to your site. I immediately thought your site would make me pay money. That disappointment soon changed to joy and disbelief as i realized not only was that teaching free and complete but you also have 100s of other teachings of which i have desired to learn for years and all at no cost. As a matter of fact the only cost associated has been placed in your hands. As you know without the right foundation of knowledge of certain things it is extremely hard to learn, trying to place together puzzle pieces, and only after several months maybe having a whole picture of the events of which took place. I know it was God who lead me here and i am grateful, extremely grateful that someone understands the importance of spreading knowledge and truth over making money. Thank you so much and God Bless you.Martinlawrencevillegausa
Have you done any work on Erasmus and his impact on the churchWilliamMedinaNew YorkUSA
Just watched your comments on Mark 13:26 Brilliant absolutely Brilliant You have got it exactly right Every Christian or anybody really who has the slightest doubt about Jesus and His Word need to hear your words Regards ArieArieAdelaide Australia
Brother Bruce Gore; I’ve been watching your videos on You Tube about church history and find them quite riveting in that I find myself totally absorbed with the vast accumulation of knowledge you have on the subject. I’ve for a long time been interested in history and especially Bible history. You have such a gift of marrying secular history with Biblical history making the Bible, especially the Old Testament really come alive and with a deeper meaning. I come to the point of asking how one could use this material in a Sunday school environment so more people could be exposed to such a wonderful wealth of historical documentation. Being an old (79 yo) SS teacher for almost 50 years, this material would be a treasure trove of knowledge for a church video library. Our church is small and very likely unable to afford DVD’s of all your seminars. We have a church member who is very computer literate that said that they could download the videos and burn to DVD’s for church use only, but would not do so without prior permission because of copyright infringement. So I was asked to contact you and present our dilemma to you. There are 103 in all, so what would be an equitable amount in order to be legal? If yes we would owe a debt of gratitude to you & our Lord, but if no then we will forget it. JosephTallulaIllinoisUSA
Bruce, I watched your video "preterist of revelation". You didn't have time for details especially of the last few chapters. Would you be kind enough to point me to a source where I can get those? Charlescharlesdelray beachFLUnited States
Professor Gore- Excellent teaching. I am writing a paper for seminary on the fall of Jerusalem (700 b.c.) and was wondering what books you recommended? Also- which of your lectures do you speak to the fall? Thanks for your help. Charlie RileyCharlesLittletonCOUnited States
Dear Sir, I have just discovered your history lectures and I am enjoying them greatly. Thank you so much for posting them on the internet for free! Additionally, I am a member of an OPC church, so I appreciate your high regard for the Reformed faith and for our Savior Jesus Christ. Best Regards, Cindy HallCindySummerfieldNorth CarolinaUSA
I thoroughly enjoy your teachings on Revelations. I have often thought it wasn't interpreted correctly as I was growing up. My old Physics/Chemistry teacher back in high school would always say, "You can't see the forest for the trees." I think that nails most people when they read Revelations. BrookeKnoxvilleTN 
Interested in comments on constellations re: Revelation. Orion has the number 3 and 7 and is surrounded by the brightest stars, sometimes a planet will move into those stars beyond the 7 and to the leafy and make a semicircle enhancing origins beauty. Cygnus is obviously a cross and Cassiopeia obviosnly a zig zag the sign of a snake both being lifted up representations of salvation. The ‘Big Dipper’ ( seven points again) points to the pole star. The pole star represents a place only one can occupy as all other stars revolve around it as history revolves around the life of Christ. The Milky Way flows through cassiopria and Cygnus as though it were the shed blood of Christ. These are the obvious constellations. This is not superstition just An Englishman’s observations of a clear, moonless winters night when as C.S. Lewis puts it “ Orion flamed at him from above the hedgerows” for Orion stands low in the Sky in England and brings to mind “I saw the Lord high and lifted up and His train filled the temple’. We always use the Greek names for constellations but what did the Hebrews cam them?DavePaigntonDevonEngland
Dear Mr. Gore, I stumbled on your YouTube videos while searching for old Hollywood classic movies to watch. I have in a quite desultory fashion been reading ANE history over the past several years, mainly from old free classics available on Kindle. On my bucket list I made a notation: I would like to see where ANE history intersects with OT history. I was shocked to find that you had actually written a long book on the subject. I am having the time of my life listening to your lectures. One thing I don't understand. In your lecture #6 re Abraham in Egypt, you said Egypt was the longest continuous civilization in Egypt. I have lived in China for over two decades, and have heard constantly that China has that honor. I realize that Chinese historians are biased in the way they call warring kingdoms a "dynasty" in order to emphasize the unity of Chinese civilizations. However, a quick search on the internet showed an American Historical Association page that very confidently proclaimed China as the oldest continuous civilization. Are you sure you can claim that Egypt surpasses China?DanDalzellSouth CarolinaUnited States
Dear Mr. Gore, I just finished all 37 of your "historical context" lectures. You deserve some kind of award. I have already recommended the lectures to two folks, and I will continue to do so. I was happy to see that you have arrived at an (orthodox) preterist view of Revelation - it was quite refreshing to hear. I have two relatively minor questions: 1) when you pointed out that the Christians fled Jerusalem when Gessius Florus pulled his troops back, you stated (I think in two different places) that the Christians fled to Syria, Idumea, Nabatea, and I think you said Petra in particular. Yet there are so many authors who state that the Christians fled just across the Jordan, a little north and east, to the little town of Pella. I have read that so much I thought it was commonplace. Yet you didn't mention Pella. I am wondering if I am missing something? 2) I have had a very difficult time pinning down the four generals referred to in Daniel. You chose Cassander, Antigonus, Seleucus, and Ptolemy, but I am wondering why Antigonus, and not Lysimachus? And why choose 308? Why not choose 301 after Ipsus, and have Lysimachus, Seleucus,Ptolemy, and Cassander (In other words, substitute Lysimachus for Antigonus). Thanks much!DanDalzellSouth CarolinaUnited States
Thanks for your faithfulness. This work has been a tremendous blessing.davidwixomMIUSA
Hi Mr Gore was just wondering if you have ever done a Study on Augustus Toplady and if so I sure would like to see it. Thanks [REPLY: thanks for your post to my site. I'm sorry I've not treated Toplady except to mention him in passing once or twice. It's a great suggestion, and I'll look for an opportunity to do so at some point. ]DeanCarolineAlbertaCanada
We are studying church history in my SS class. This week is to be about John Calvin. I just finished watching 2 part lessons on John Calvin. So thankful for Youtube. I really enjoyed it. It was very informative and so interesting. It has inspired me to want to read his sermons and letters. Thank you so much. May God bless you.DoloresCantonGeorgia 
Hi Bruce - God bless you abundantly! Thanks so much for your insightful videos into the history as it relates to Biblical events. A knowledge of history and eastern culture adds so much to ones understanding of the Scripture. The Bible was not written in Jersey :-) As Jesus Christ is the subject of the entire Word of God from Genesis 3:15 to Revelation 22:21. This Bible truly is his-story. Thanks again for making the Word even more interesting. Love in the Lord, PerryPerryCatonsvilleMDUSA
My wife and I finished our 4th year teaching high school (Homeschoolers) world history using Bruce's textbook. It continues to be a source of blessing and encouragement! Thanks again Bruce!DavidPort OrchardWAUnited States
I am extremely grateful that I found your teaching on this site. I've been thoroughly enjoying it. You have certainly confirmed a lot of my "theories" about the bible. I do have a question that I have for a few teachers that I listen to. When approaching the issue of the "2nd coming" passages I'm so happy to hear your explanation that we look to audience relevance and context. However,I was curious about the fact that you still, after explaining these passages, in light of 1st century events you still see something in there about a yet future "coming ". Would you mind pointing me to the way you interpret this? I just don't see anything left that foretells a yet future event.Thanks [REPLY: I actually gave quite serious and sympathetic attention to the so-called 'full preterist' view of the New Testament some years back, reading Russell's excellent volume and other materials as well. Without going into impractical detail, I concluded that there were significant problems with the approach on several different levels (exegetical, historical, philosophical, etc.), even though I am quite convinced that the Book of Revelation, the Olivet Discourse, and other New Testament texts refer substantially to events that took place in the first century. I plan to treat this question in some detail in the series I am starting on the book of Revelation this fall. I'm planning a two year verse by verse examination of the text and the various alternative views of Revelation will certainly come up along the way. Hopefully you will have opportunity to follow along as your time permits. ]David Saanichton BC Canada
This is great the church is lacking this kind of thorough teaching. History really opens up the bible like never before, I am grateful for your gift.DreOregon WIUS
You know what would be great like a interactive map with the teaching or a video game illustrations of the battles, movie like to go along with you talking I would watch over and over. I would like to ask you a question about Daniel 8 and 11 and what Jesus says about the abomination of desolation. Do yu have an email address that I can email you if so can you email me. [REPLY: Certainly! Email me at]DreOregon WIUS
Good morning Bruce, I've been so impressed with your video study in Revelations! I've found that Lecture 14 through 26 are showing lecture 13's video. I'm not the worlds best web I doing something wrong? I would love to catch up to date! People that attend your class don't know how lucky they are. Hope to attend one of your classes at church soon. Keep up the great work!EdAlohaORUS
I have recommended all of your lectures to all of my friends. You a true well of information! Thanks!!!!!!! DavidLas VegasNevadaUnited Staes
Mr. Gore, I wanted you to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed your youtube videos of church history and the history of the world during biblical times. It has helped me tremendously in better understanding the scriptures themselves. I have spread the word to other friends of mine as well. I just wanted to drop you a line to encourage you that you have made a difference in my understanding. Thank you! God Bless.David LexingtonTNUnited States
Mr. GoreI'm doing a study on the Magi a hereditary priestly tribe WITHIN the "MEDES"/ "CHALDEAN'S"... Could this be the same magi we here about in the book of Daniel, Esther and in Mathew 2 Q: In Genesis 41:8 the Pharaoh and was troubled called in his "MAGICIANS" of Egypt and all his wise men?ThanksEddie [REPLY: The question of the identity of the Magi has been a longstanding debate among scholars with far more expertise than I have on the topic. If you are interested in the best analysis of the subject available today, in my opinion, I'd suggest getting the following very fine volume by Dr. Edwin Yamauchi, Persia and the Bible (see link below). His review of the topic, along with the sources he cites, will give a pretty good and current analysis of the question.]EdwardOntarioCaliforniaUS
HI Bruce, I've just finished the 36 audio recordings in your 'History' section. I'm totally blown away by your vast knowledge on all this history. Can I ask, do you have any presentations on the prophecies of the 2nd coming of Christ, the rapture etc... seeing that your interpretation of Revelation is that all those events have already taken place? I'm sure you get asked this all the time. Sorry if it's annoying. Kindest regards. [REPLY: I fully embrace the view that Christ will someday return 'to judge and quick and the dead,' as all traditional creeds of the church affirm. I believe that Revelation is describing events that largely took place in the first century, but not entirely. I treat some of the matters you mentioned in your post in my lectures of chapter 20 of Revelation which is available in the PlayList on YouTube. The 'rapture' text in 1 Thessalonians is part of what I cover in my treatment of that book, which is also available in the PlayList called 'Paul's Letters.']EuanMeancheyPhnom PenhCambodia
I'm not a history student nor i have anything to do with history. İ just wanted to learn things and you sir are a really good teacher. This biblical history lessons of yours inspired me. I am a muslim and if you have read Qur'an you must know there are lots of historical information and stories in it. I will now start working on doing some "History in Qur'an" stuff thanks to your work. Because you know noone on earth reads qur'an actually, they just think what radical muslims do are what qur'an tells them to do but it is wrong. Hope with my work people will read qur'an as i have read bible thanks to your works. Thank you.Ömer SelçukBalıkesir Turkey
Do you know of any way to download the lessons into an MP3 or 4 format to put on an iPod? I would love to add these so I can listen to these in my vehicle.BrianPuyallupWAUnited States
Hi Bruce, I very much appreciated your video #13 giving historical context on the interaction between King Ahaz and Isaiah. I then listened to your personal testimony on another site. Would you please clarify how you described Jesus as the greatest human etc.? I am concerned that you leave out Jesus's dual role as true man and true God and Savior of the world. Thank you in advance for your comment. Cheryl [REPLY: I certainly embrace the classical creedal statements concerning Christ, including Chalcedon, which affirms that Jesus Christ is truly man, and truly God, two natures in one person, without mixture, confusion, separation, or division, each nature retaining its own attributes. As part of his humanity, I also affirm that Jesus of Nazareth was the greatest human being that ever lived. ]CherylHOWELLMIUnited States
It has been an enjoyable roll from Sennacherib to Savonarola, so far. I was sorry, though, that you made no shout out to my own big patristic favorite, Gregory of Nazianzus. I wish I had his rookie card! GaryTorontoON 
Dear Mr Gore, Thank you for making your 'Sunday School Classes' available to the world. At present, I am listening to your studies on 'The Gospel According To Luke'. But, since last evening, I have not been able to access your audio lessons. Is the website undergoing maintenance? Yours faithfully, Mrs Alistair Welch (Helen) P.S. It goes without saying that I appreciate your instruction immensely.HELENJOHNS RIVERNSWAUSTRALIA
Hey mr.gore I been following your videos for quite sometime now and I need your help. I've been talking to a gentleman who states Judas the galilean is the historical christ . (Quoting from Daniel Unterbrink books the 3 messiahs ) also I've heard early Christian theology was catholic in nature .... Any thoughts ? [REPLY] You might mention to your friend that there is no single life in the history of the world that has been studied more meticulously than the life of Jesus of Nazareth, both by friends and by enemies. You would not find any credible scholar in either camp that would seriously argue the hypothesis that Jesus was confused with Judas the Galilean, who is briefly mentioned in historical sources with no suggestion at all of a case of mistaken identity. For a decent treatment of references to Jesus outside the New Testament, I suggest you read a book written a few years ago by the respected New Testament scholar, F.F. Bruce, "Jesus and Christian Origins Outside the New Testament." ShedrickSan antonioTexasUnited states
I am listening to your (very interesting) lectures om the Gospel of Mark. I am wondering why your series on Mark has stoppen after the last supper. Why not go on to the end of Mark’s Gospel?HenkMeppel the Netherlands
Hello, I just have one word to say about your you tube videos...WOW! I am feeding on your videos like a starving person. I am presently listening to "Apocalypse in Space and Time" and I must say all of it makes more sense than anything else I have heard or read. I was raised dispensationalism, as you were, and am coming to the point of "fence crossing", yep, I am there. Never could reconcile several scriptures and ideas to dispensationalism and your materials and Kenneth Gentry's materials are making a difference in my life. For the first time, I feel I am correctly understanding the Olivet Discourse and Revelation. Thank you so much for your teaching gift and the enlightening of the Holy Spirit.ByronGraysonGAUnited States
Just wanted to thank you for your weekly teaching on YouTube my wife and I are learning so much more than we thought possible,it is drawing us closer to our Lord. Keep up the great work through the Holy Spirits guidance. P.S. we do miss seeing you on video like your older material,made us feel we were in your class!!HowardBrandenburgKentucky 
It is the last day of 2020 and what a year this has been. My husband and I discovered this website during New Zealand's first lock down. We are so grateful for the treasures found here. I have just finished the 21st lecture of "The Apocalypse in Space and Time". What a way to end this year. I would like to finish this series next year as well as look at the Philosophy series. Having just retired,I should be able to manage this.In His precious name. BarbBarb and MalcolmHamilton New Zealand
Thank you so much for all the fascinating online courses you have created. I look forward to the time each day when I can stop all other activities and listen! So much is totally new to me...and it is such fun to learn from your lectures, especially on the historical context of the bible, but also on Protestant theology!HollyWoodburnORUSA
Our pastor is teaching through the Book of Revelation (Branch of Hope, OPC) and I was searching the net for what I call the Puritan or “Old Postmill” views as opposed to the Bahnsen/Gentry/Kik(?) contemporary view. I found your lecture on Jonathan Edwards very interesting especially from an historic point of view. You are a gifted teacher to say the least! I’m curious, however, having read your faith statement, how you are comfortable in the PCUSA with its liberalism, etc.? At any rate I look forward to benefitting from your teaching as I explore it further. Blessings, LJLarryTorranceCAUnited States
I am a Pastor in Ronkonkoma Longisland NY 631-852-8883 call me. You are beyond description, you are the best Bible History teacher I have ever heard and I listen to a lot of preachers and teachers for the past 40 years of my Christiany. At this time I am researching Men of God and Church History, you are by far the greatest most thrall and literary proficient and anointed man of God on the block. Like all the great men of old from missionary's to old time revivalist you have found your call your niche in the great scheme of things. I am proud to call you my brother. You truly ware the name above all names well Jesus Christ the Rightouse. Love you see you in heaven!!!Pastor islipny 
Really enjoying the lectures on church history. Thank you sir.MarkDublinLeinsterIreland
alexdra's tutoring under aristotle you state in your video of daniel (which is amazing);content 24 "the expansion under Philip", you state:"...that has to be the most amazing 2-years of education in the world;" bruce my brother, you "blew-it". the most amazing education of any teacher to his student/s was Christ and His apostles. just think of it, being tutored by God Himself! as dr. bart ehrman plays on the fact that Christians in the majority were uneducated, which i beg to differ: the most amazing education anyone has never received in the history of the world were the three years and a half years the apostles spent with Christ, and that education was taught by the apostles to their flocks: "...feed my sheep." what university could match this? "...freely you received, thus freely you give." amen my brother, james. p.s. i have learned so much from your teaching, i can only imagine what it was like being under the tutorship of Christ; however, we do have the Holy Spirit and the written Word! "...if ever such Words were from God." james staten islandnyusa
I am new to this site and I love the word of God and I am going through the lectures and I really am into bruces style and delivery I am going to start historical context looking forward to sharing the word with other believersjulianNew HavenCTUnited States
Bro. Gore,Really been blessed and enjoyed your studies on the Apocalypse in Time and Space and your discussions on how different interpretive schemes arose in consequence to historical, political, philosophical or social trends.Do you know of a book tracing the genesis nd development of these differing strategies for interpreting the book of Revelation? Again, thank you so much for the tremendous labor you have spent in presenting these studies. I could never express what it has meant to me. [REPLY: Hi Jeff, thanks so much for your post to my site, and your encouraging words. ]JeffSkiatookOklahomaUnited States
Great site, God bless you for your effort and hardwork whom the Father blesses you Mr. Gore with energy eloquence and articulation by HIS Son and saviour YESHUA HAMASCHIAH..amenRobertobrooklynNew YorkUnited States
I absolutely love your lectures but I have one issue and that is that I believe that you should stick up for Jesus against the synagogue of satan. Modern day jews are still waiting for a sign and Jesus says in Matthew 16:4 that A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign shall be given to it except the sign of [b]the prophet Jonah.” We as Christians should not shy away from calling out the jews for their blasphemy. They are the supreme adulterers yet I hear virtually no Christians calling them out! If we allow the jews to continue to spellbind humanity like that then we will certainly go to hell in a handbasket together. I urge you to muster the courage to use your considerable erudtion in the service of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and call out the modern day jews for their rebellion against our Father in Heaven.JelgerGroningen Netherlands
Hello, Dr. Gore.I have been so very blessed by your teaching, you are very clear and well read. I have been especially blessed by your talks on 7th Day Adventism as I have dated an Adventist and it enabled me to better understand her faith.Also, my grandpa was a Presbyterian pastor in Brazil.One question I ask is about how you deal with the PCUSA's stance on homosexuality, which I understand is open and affirming. Having left a church I attended over this issue, I wonder if you ever have preached or taught on this subject. I understand it is a sensitive one and historically the church has treated people who struggle with this poorly, yet, I am fairly clear in my understanding of scripture it is not an acceptable practice for a Christian. Thanks so much [REPLY: The PCUSA has adopted standards that are voluntary with the individual churches in the denomination. My own church has specifically and and publicly rejected ordination standards that include open, practicing homosexual persons. It has also rejected the legitimacy of gay 'marriage.' We believe more good can be accomplished by remaining in the denomination and maintaining those standards than by leaving as others have decided to do. ]joaobellevillemiusa
Bruce, can you recommend the best books on the history of the Catholic Church (how and when it started) and the Inquisition?JosephRoanokeTexasUnited States
An awesome course. I learned a lot throughout the course. I had ancient civilization in my undergraduate years and much of the material early on came back to me. The problem then was I didn't have a vast knowledge of the bible and struggled in the course especially with all the covered gods. I didn't well in this course with the same gods. I fell asleep every time trying to study them. I looked for this course as I wasn't getting all that I wanted from bible study as the teacher didn't want to take the time to go into the history of events surrounding the bible and I felt half informed. But now I'm informed. Some books of the bible I have near full command of now. There were some like Isaiah, etc. I just couldn't read but now I can thanks to the course. The final lesion really changed my view of revelation. I have heard some argue against the rapture while others argue it will happen. Thanks to the final lesion on the fall of Jerusalem and the essay I know the pros and cons of their arguments. I was able to take a position of my own. Thanks for the interpretation of Revelations. I have read thru the first 11 chapters and really comprehended those chapters. Will get to the last 10 shortly. I have less interest after the last essay helped formed my opionion about Revelations. Thanks again for the extrodinary course and you taking time out of your busy schedule to guide us thru it. I will be sending a donation to you and your efforts before the end of August. Thanks again. I'm also interested in some of the other history lectures. I listened to the crusaders on yesterday and did research on the crusaders that led me to Martin Luther and Calvinism . JohnnyChicagoIl 
I am getting so much from your lectures! In one of your recent Revelation lectures from your family room you mentioned a greek language reference that many scholars rely on. I've forgotten the name - please help.- Janet [REPLY: The reference I was referring to was Kittel's Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. Thanks for your interest!]JanetSalemORUnited States
I have been watching some of your YouTube vids for a bit now, and heard you mention Bloomsday, so I searched out where you are from. I live in Spokane, and even attended First Pres. at one point (Communitas evening service w/ Asher Ernst). I really appreciate your stuff. Thanks Bruce. God bless. P.S. You still lecture? Any schedules available?JimSpokaneWAUnited States
Bruce, I watched a little of your video dealing with early American religious history. Being a Seventh-day Adventist, naturally I was interested in your section on William Miller and the development of the Adventist Church. In fact, I'm going to convert them to MP3s and listen to your series in the car. I like your approach. You appear to be a real scholar trying to present the story without any axe to grind. I was wondering though how your audience understood some of the material you presented in this section. (You knew there was a "but" in there) Did they confuse Sabbatarian Adventism with the Advent Christian Church and Jonas Wendell? Did they realize that Ellen was 9 years old when she received her injury to her nose and that her first "vision" was Dec of 1844 when she was 17 years old, after the Oct 22nd disappointment, and after she had given up the '44 experience? I only mention this because I catch myself doing some of the same thing. Well read, I don't always rely on notes or my power point and sometimes have to go back and correct myself. I want to get it right and be true to the story and I know you do too. You can tell in how you present the matter. I also try to take into consideration the group I'm talking to, but it may easy to miss the obvious. I'm assuming most people you talk to know next to nothing about Adventism. I also noticed a list of presentations on Church History that seem separate from this series. Thanks for the feast. God Bless you in your ministry Karl Wagner Glendale, AZKarlGlendaleAZUSA
Hi Bruce I'm lapping up your Church history videos on your Youtube channel. Thank you so much for making such a rich resource available. I love the way you have included the video with the powerpoint. My question relates to the early church history videos which all seem to be truncated at 15 minutes. Is the full file available anywhere else, even audio would be okay. thanks for you time. Regards Kevin MeehanKevinEden Hills South AustraliaAustralia
Your videos on Bible Context are amazing. Really helped a Bible Study I was leading. This was my first exposure to the intertestimental period. You should make a DVD set, but I definitely will get the book. Going through your church history series now. FYI, the Constantine video isn't working now.KyleRochesterPAUSA
Thank you so much for sharing these talks online. I have been extremely encouraged in my walk with the Lord and my understanding of His Word by the insight that you have brought. A few months ago I was feeling very dry and distant from God when I stumbled across your site. I listened to your lecture on creation and it caused me to remember how fantastic our God is. Thank you again :)LisaLisburn UK
Thank you so much for making these videos available. We have been using them to supplement our homeschool curriculum. It's made history come alive for my 15 year old son. I have been watching the History and Chronological Context of the Bible on my own and I am learning so much. God bless you for the work you've done. LilyKyleTxUnited States
Dear Bruce, just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication in delivering so many blessed biblical teachings and making it available to us. I have been listening over the years to your lectures and receiving greater insight the how holy and wonderful is the Word of God. If you and your wife are ever planning on visiting Brussels, please send me a message as my husband and I would love to meet you both! All the best to you and your family and please continue the good fight. MarciaMarciaBrussels  Belgium
Hi, I am enjoying the lectures - just got started. Yesterday I listened to Caligula, no problem with getting it downloaded. Today I am listening to Nero and having trouble. It plays a bit then stops as if it is continuing to load or something. Do you have a trick I could employ? I have a fairly new computer (purchased it in March 2013). Thank you. Kudos to our teacher, he is very good and I am enjoying the lessons.DeborahSpokaneWAUnited States
Hi again - I just accessed a different link and the course flowed. I think I went to Online Courses rather than accessing the newer ones organized by recent date. Thanks again. I am also reading the Gnostic Gospels and my quest is to uncover the real Jesus and His teachings (was raised a Catholic, didn't find, within that structure, what I was looking for, though I respect how it is just the thing for some others). Also beginning to read Gnostic Gospels. Hope that you will also speak about them. Thanks Bruce!DeborahSpokaneWAUnited States
What do you think about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama calling Christians "Easter Worshippers?" Can you tell me about the claim that Easter has pagan origins? [REPLY: The term Easter may derive from Ishtar, a Mesopotamian goddess of sex and fertility. It is more likely, however, that it gets its name from Eostre (or Ostara), a Germanic pagan goddess. English and German are two of the very few languages that use some variation of the word Easter (or, in German, Ostern) as a name for this holiday. Most other European languages use one form or another of the Latin name for Easter, Pascha, which is derived from the Hebrew Pesach, meaning Passover. In French it’s Pâques, in Italian it’s Pasqua, in Dutch it’s Pasen, in Danish it’s Paaske, in Bulgarian it’s Paskha, etc. ]maryIndianapolisINusa
Hi Bruce, I'm having a difficult time accessing the teaching aids. Everything else seems fine. Any suggestions? DaveDavidPort OrchardWAUSA
Mr. Gore, I watch your videos on youtube and really learned a lot from you. I saw one about church history where you talked about the separation of the church into East & West and about the Mithran religion. I'd like to watch it again but can't find it. Is it on your website or still on youtube? Thanks and God's blessing to you, CarlCarlBroussardLouisianaUSA
Dear Mr. Gore you are a treasure to us in the Church making available your teachings on line thru your own websites and YouTube. Thank You! My men's group, 10 strong presently, have decided after going through your videos - Intro to Romans (on our own during the summer) to take on your 5 year audio version of Romans starting this Fall and we are hoping to purchase the Outlines you produced for that series. Thanks again for all the work you've done for God's Kingdom! Yours on Christ, Monty MontyAuroraCOUS
The great Scottish Presbyterians, TF Torrance, and his 2 brothers have had a huge impact on my theology and much of what I've come to believe wrt Israel derives from them. How do you see Israel's ongoing role in redemption history?JamesJerusalem Israel
I saw your video about Antiochus Epiphanes and thought about the way he died, he polluted the temple with a pig and he died of what I believe to be trichinellosis when someone eats bad pork and are consumed with worms. A fitting way for God to give him payback.DennisPhoenixArizonaMaricopa
Hi Dr. Gore. I have just discovered your courses on Philosophy. It's so great to have a good survey of the Philosophical movements that have shaped our history from a Christian teacher. I have found some other good resources for Christian philosophy, but many of these speak about historical philosophy without explaining it.NathanGILBERTAZUnited States
This is just a thank you for your blessings in my life. During the shutdown I decided to look into some church history to supplement the context of scripture. That has morphed into a protracted viewing of your videos online and WOW what an insight I have now. I am new at eschatology but do believe in your preterist view. Thank you so much for posting them free. I thank God for His gift he has given you. DonaldLakewood RanchFLUSA
Would it be possible to find other near by to fellowship with?BillyMobileAlabamaU.S.A.
I always Quote "hated?" the old testament ... I guess because I didn't understand it. Now, it is exciting, I can even impress my sunday school teacher now. At 71 yrs. I've got a lot of catching-up to do. Clearly , you are a great teacher! Regards, BillBillHattiesburgmsNULL
Loving your lectures. Is there one covering the conquest of Canaan?PamelaMulberryFLUS
I wish to let Mr. Gore know that my life and ministry is being tremendously blessed by his teaching. His commitment to expound and explain even the historical context of scripture is extremely rich for my understanding. I felt so led to take a moment to extend my gratitude for his workmanship for Christ!ByronHumbleTXUnited States
Dear Mr Gore, Really enjoy your videos and audio talks. You have the gift of communication as well as a vast knowledge. Regarding the problem of chronology and Genesis, the flood, Babel and in general the first dozen chapters of Genesis: you gave a great sense of why there was a flood, and what Babylon means. We miss a great deal nowadays by not understanding what the mere mention of a word could have meant to the ancient Israelites (e.g., Babylon). You seem to have overcome the problem of falling on either the creationist or materialist side of the discussion. As Tolkein held, myth does not have to be false, but is simply a way of telling a story. I look forward to working through all your broadcasts. Best wishes, Peter BarlowPeterAbu DhabiAbu DhabiUAE
Dear Mr. Gore, I thank you for your teaching, and even more so for posting it in such a way that we are able to view it. I have been through several of your teachings regarding the early church through the reformation. It has been very educational and has helped me in my own thought processes. In addition to just the information you have provided, I have been entertained by your teaching methods and enthusiasm. It takes history to a new level when a teacher, such as yourself, can both give great information and deliver it in a way that engages the mind and spirit at different levels. Finally, your "Sunday School" lessons at the end of the teaching, tying in the history lesson with the Truth of God's Word is really wonderful. Once again, it is a different level of learning when you are learning at the spiritual level. I just watched the teaching on Thomas Aquinas and learning of how he taught and lived to bring all thoughts into the submission and relevance of Christ really was helpful to me. I will use this lesson in my own teaching, and most importantly, in my own living out of the Gospel call in my own life. Thank you for your passion and dedication to our Lord. I have more to comment on, so feel free to email me if you would like. Blessings, Paul GaschenPaulLubbock TXUSA
I have finished listening to your lectures on philosophy until Descartes. I would love to listen to the rest of your lectures especially the one on Kant.THOMASSaskatoonSK,CANADA
Please, please, PLEASE do a separate study on King David and the books of 1/2Samuel and 1/2 Kings!!! Good teaching on David is hard to find, and your teaching makes a difficult subject easy to understand.TamaraHamiltonVirginiaUnited States
Great work brother I have enjoyed you studies on Revelatio. Have you heard of James L Blevins work "Revelation As Drama"? I have a site that follows this same line at If you get a chance to look at it I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks again for you patient endurance. RobertJacksonville Florida USA
Brother Bruce Gore - I just finished watching one of your videos of which you talked about your book being 25.00 dollars on Amazon. The lowest price of your book was $49.00 and $34.00. Do you have any $25.00 dollar one left, if so I would like to purchase one. Blessing and SHALOM RichardRichardCrawfordvilleFLUnited States
Thank you for the videos! You are an excellent teacher. I have been going through the Highlights from the History of God's People and have learned so much! I had been watching youtube on my telivision until I got 14 minutes into #41 where the video stopped with a message to come to this web site for the conclusion. I did and was surprised to find the complete video on youtube. Anyway it was an excellent lesson on David Livingston. Looking forward to the other videos. Again I thank you for allowing me to watch and learn. May God bless and keep you.JoeDoucetteTexasUSA
I listen to your teaching everyday,all day. I would love to take these classes.Could you help me learn how to do that please?I am addicted to Gods word and I love to learn,but I don't have the money to go to seminary.Iam getting ready to turn 50 years old.My dream is to one day earn a masters in divinity.I have been around Christianity since I was 10 years old.I was raised a dispy,pretrib,premill and for the last 7 years I have became a reformed Calvinist.Bruce I believe in what you teach and I believed it before I heard you teach.Just let me know what to do to start earning a degree and I will do it,THANX and GOD speed. richardlimaohiounited states
A friend asked me if I would go on another cruise after the pandemic,I said no, but if I could, I would travel to Spokane in Washington State and find a small Sunday school class with the most amazing teacher. Bruce, you never disappoint sharing His truth. What a gift you have, and how well you share it. My husband and I thank God for YouTube so we can tune into your videos. If I had to describe one of my greatest treasures, I would say your talks on The Apocalypse in Space and Time. A description of our heavenly Father's unending and incomparable love in action. Janice Acreman Sunshine Coast, Q, Australia.JaniceMaroochydoreQueenslandAustralia
Hello Bruce...I listen to you several times a week and have for some time. I am very blessed by your there a way I can donate to your ministry? Thanks again and God bless you Bruce!RogerSandpointIDUnited States
Mr.Gore, In listening to some of your letters on Romans & Revelations, very good, learning a lot but like to ask you a question on why you use the word "hell" in your lectures? Since hell is not a biblical word, hell was only used by the translators, to translate four biblical words.. Sheol, Gehenna, Tartarus and Hades? Let me know your thoughts on this subject. Roger ButlerRogerChillicotheOH 
Dear Mr. Gore, I have just learned about you and your many Youtube postings on Church history, etc. I appreciate your doctrinal foundation, love of theology and you God-given abilities to articulate truth, God's providence in history, in a rich and winsome manner. I love Historical Theology, and have done a good bit of teaching also. My wife and I are members of Village Seven Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs, although I hold to credal baptism. Blessings to you and yours, and upon all that you are doing to strengthen and edify the Body of Christ. Blessings, Ron AdairRonColorado SpringsCOUS
Hi Bruce. Was wondering if you could upload your videos to Brighteon, Bitchute, BrandNewtube and Dailymotion if they aren't already. I find Youtube is too anti conservative and left wing with their tolerations. Would rather use them as little as possible. Thank you. I realize i can access your teachings here which is great but there is a mass migration toward the above YT alternatives so it will provide you with that much more exposure. Thank you RobRobPinjarraWestern AustraliaAustralia
Hello Mr. Gore. I have been studying the Bible for the past 15 years and I am highly suspicious of the accuracy and historicity of the New Testament. I was hoping you could clear up a few of my issues. I’ll start with the birth narratives. Can you tell me why Matthew and Luke give two totally different birth stories? These books give completely different testimonies of how Jesus got to Nazareth. Matthew says the family was living in Bethlehem and fled to Egypt because of Herod’s persecution. On the way back from Egypt Joseph was instructed not to go back there and instead goes to Nazareth. Luke tells us the family was already living in Nazareth. They come to Bethlehem for the census and the baby is born there. After everything is performed for the child according to the law, they return back to Nazareth. How can both of these stories be true when they give such conflicting accounts? Thanks for any help you can provide. RyanIndependence LAUSA
Bruce: Phil Salgado here. I am following your comments on Romans and I have a question: how can I discern, from the list of lectures on this book, which is from your most recent series? There appears to be considerable duplication, and I would like to track the most recent Survey Course first, before cutting into the more detailed discussions. How many Lecture Series on Romans are represented here and how can I tell them apart? Best Regards, PhilS. PhilipSpokaneWAUSA
[REPLY] Hi Phil - thanks for your e-mail. I know the Romans stuff is a little confusing. I need to clean that up one of these days. There are two Romans series that you might want to consider. One is a video course I did here at home that was prepared for a seminary in the Philippines. It covers the book in 30 lectures, each one a half hour in length. You can find it by going to the 'online courses' tab, and from the dropdown list choosing 'intro to Romans." The other is a shorter survey course I did at First Pres a few years ago. It is six lectures, each one covering about three chapters of Romans. You can find that by going to the 'search' tab, and typing into the search field 'Survey'. Hope that helps! Blessings my friend! PhilipSpokaneWAUSA
I am very happy that The Holy Spirit guided me to your ministry which is like a pearl in a desert. It brings light to knowledge in my search and study if the word of God. With your great and awesome work in history makes me go back in time to those awesome days when the words and events took place as the words of God stated in the Holy Bible . Thank you very much for your passion for the scripture. God bless you, your ministry and your family In the grace of God Amen Alejandro SacramentoCAUnited States
I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge your hard labor in researching History and bringing this rich and awesome studies to us. This awesome teaching gives me better understanding of the Word Of God, which I am in love with. It really help me to grasp the current events and how the things are unfolding in front of our eyes that the all things of this World Age are happening according to the Holy Scripture. Preparing us Believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ in his second coming, sharpening our understanding to identify the false Jesus which is the Antichrist as the Apostle Paul called him .. the son of perdition. Thank you Again for your awesome work, and Thank Be to God for giving you this Gift of teaching. May God bless you and your family. Sincerely Alejandro LopezAlejandro SacramentoCAUnited States
Dear Mr. Gore, I am a young woman from Sweden. I have been listening to (and thoroughly enjoying your lectures) for over a year now. I listen to them on my phone on almost a daily basis. I particularly enjoyed your lecture series on the history of the church, book of Acts, the letters of Paul and Genesis. I had been searching for years for a resource to help me engage with and understand the bible beyond a superficial level. It is surprisingly (and sadly) more difficult to find than one would think. Needless to say I was thrilled when I finally discovered your lectures online. I really appreciate your teaching style, insightful comments and unique approach to bible study. You always seem to apologize for this but I wanted you to know that I am one of those people who loves how you delve in to the historical and cultural context of each text! You have helped me immensely and I cannot thank you enough. Is there a chance you will do a series on Matthew and John soon? God Bless!SarahStockholm Sweden
3/14/2021 It appears many older links stopped working last evening. Many return URL not found message. TomSummersetSDUnited States
First of all, I would like to thank you for your teaching. Do you have in books or pdf your teachings lesson by lesson? SebastianOrlandoFloridaUnited States
Hi Bruce, I just discovered you yesterday on Youtube, which led me to your site. I already took 1.5 lecture and I am very excited to take some more. Born and raised in a catholic environment but without any clue/interest about christian history, I waited till my late 30s to realized what I missed during all these years. So I look forward learning so much more with your material, and wanted to say thank you for making your knowledge available to everybody.StephenParisNULLFrance
[Reply] Hi Stephen - thanks so much for your kind e-mail! I'm deeply grateful for your encouragement. If you have questions or comments as you listen to the presentations, I'd be happy to hear from you either by e-mail or the feedback section of the website. Thanks again! God's richest blessings to you and yours!StephenParisNULLFrance
have been listening to your teachings for a number of months now. I am very impressed and blessed by the methodical way that you teach the Word of God, both from history and the Bible itself. Thank you for all your hard word. I have been pastoring for about 30 years. had my M.Div from Baptist seminary in Vancouver, BC. Bless you, Sir seyiplamondonalbertacanada
Hi there! I would like to sincerely thank you for the recent lectures on Esther which you have done! I was able to use them to corroborate with accounts made by Herodotus and other historical sources eg. the Bible, in my Ancient History assignment which focuses on Xerxes and Esther! Your work truly inspires me and I thank God for these great works which you are doing! - SSharmaineNULLNULLAustralia
[Reply] Wonderful to hear from you! Your e-mail is quite an encouragement to me. Blessings on you as you continue your studies! BruceSharmaineNULLNULLAustralia
Dear Bruce, I am teaching a ladies class on church history/history. I stumbled across your series Highlights form the History of God's People and we have loved each episode we have seen to date. Thanks for sharing these on youtube. I was wondering if you will ever consider have these put into a DVD format that could be purchased? I would love to have them. I haven't watched your other vidoes with your lessons on the Bible but looks forward to watching those as well.Thanks again! [Hi Sheila, thanks so much for your post to my site. I do not have the videos available on DVD, but am happy to provide download links to the videos so you can download them and use them as convenient for you. Please let me know if that would be useful ]SheilaArlingtonTXUSA
Bruce I love your videos has helped me greatly in choosing my platform in religious studies, will be attending Biola University. myself and the creator has been together on a social media outlet that will revival facebook and make hashem name great by following Christ commandments of do unto others as you would have them do unto to you and stop war good. please contact me 415-324-0436 or email me. would love to chatsherdonbay pointca 
[REPLY] Thanks for your post. I'd be happy to hear any questions you have, and will do my best to respond quickly. You can either reply to this e-mail to use the feedback back section of the website. Not sure why the e-mail function wouldn't work for you. Thanks! BruceThadNULLNULLNULL
Mr Gore, I´m a keen listener to your various bible studies and lectures on the internet. It have had a most edifying impact on me and has helped to make my faith much more solid. Listening to a person of great learning who also takes the Bible and the Christian history seriously is most beneficent in a time and in a society growing increasingly secular. I really hope that you will continue all this and post it on the internet. Leif Johansson, SwedenLeifVallentuna Sweden
You are a wonderful teacher. Really enjoyed your teachings.May God bless you!kathy nyusa
I just wanted to thank you for doing the study work and sharing your understanding in the very practical presentations you have put together. I have used your work as resource for my own study and teaching here in North Carolina. Blessings Stephen Indian Trail NCUSA
Mr. Gore, I just wanted to personally thank you for making your lectures available to the public. I'm a World History, Lit, and Bible teacher and have benefited greatly from your teaching. I listen to them over and over and take notes so I can, first, better understand the big picture and details myself, and then communicate them to my class. I really appreciate your Christian perspectives throughout. I've listened to your Bible and ancient history series, your lectures on the Greek philosophers, and now the early church fathers. At times I show excerpts in class and assign them for homework, because you tell stories so well I can't do them justice. (And yes, I use your examples like the Betty Sue vs. the Mona Lisa - brilliant!) I've shared the videos with family, as well. -We're all learning! You have blessed so many people; thank you for not burying your treasure, but sharing it with all of us! SusanMurrietaCAUnited States
My question is what or where is the reference for the christians leaving Jerusalem in 70 A.D. I believe you but I have to back it up with a reference.Thank youI know it has nothing to with the conversation [Hi Sydney, the reference to Christians escaping the destruction of Jerusalem is found in Eusebuis, Ecclesiastical History, iii. v. ]SydneyPhiladelphiaPAUSA
Thanks a lot for this series. So VERY enriching. God bless you for your work in this.JohanLichtenburgNorth WestSouth Africa
Brother Bruce, God Bless you richly as you have certainly enriched my family and I with your amazing teachings, evident that the Holy Spirit works within you as a Teacher / Pastor even counselor among other names because of what happens to a fellow disciple when receiving True revelation and understanding regarding God's eternal , Holy word, keeping a follower of Christ in Constant AWE of Him, and Him ONLY... My family and I are still in class number 23, starting months ago in class number 1, The Apocalypses In Space and Time... We watched the entire 10 classes of Dr. John Barnett, only because I wanted my family ton be a wear of those who believe in the secrete rapture of the church. As I have taught my family, the first 59 Books of the Holy Bible were for the 1 century church, yet the very last Book was for believers 2000 years later made No sense... Dr. John MacArthur, who we enjoy listening to as well. However, we respectfully disagree with his understanding regarding the time frame of Revelations, don't get me wrong, we have learned much from his teachings... I enjoy your teachings, corrections, my family truly enjoy being able to learn as the Holy Spirit works through you to teach fellow believers, disciples as Christ Declares of those who continue in the word...So once again Brother Bruce, my family and I are so very Grateful to our Heavenly Father, God of Wonder and Might, of Mercy, Grace and Love, even His Holy wrath; for allowing and calling teachers such as yourself, to constantly Glorify Christ Jesus as the Holy Spirit enlightens you to do so... we continue to pray for the ministry God has allowed you to do for His Glory and His service... in Brotherly Love in Christ, the Ramirez Family... :) I am Brother JohnnyJOHNNYSanta MariaCAUnited States
What are your thoughts on that notion that when Judah returned from Babylon, that the re-unification of 10 Lost Tribes occurred at this point. Some scholars say that as Judah returned, they returned as "unified" "Israel". I know that a remnant joined Judah, but would you say this is the full re-unification that is prophesied in Jeremiah 3:18? or is Jeremiah 3:18 at a later day, not yet fulfilled?Secondly, Josephus seems to say that the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel are a GREAT Multitude North of the Euphrates River about 100 A.D. What are your thoughts? Thankyou [2 Chr 30 suggests that under Hezekiah, after the deportation, there were nevertheless people who came from some of the northern tribes to join in worship in Jerusalem. For this and other reasons, it is doubtful that the so-called 'ten lost tribes' were ever really lost. I take Jeremiah 3:18 and a vast number of other similar references in the Old Testament to a prediction of the blessings that come to the people of God in the work of Christ. ]TimPERRY HALLMDUnited States
Hi: I recently discovered your Abraham lectures on UTUBE. You have a real gift for teaching. Extraordinary really. And such a command of biblical history which is artfully interwoven with secular-so to speak- history. I see you have a JD. You must be a powerful litigator!(1.) I am wondering what your thought is on the Sumerian writings re: extra terrestrial genetic influences. We now know this sort of engineering is feasible and is ,in fact being, applied to plants and animals. We are on the threshold of human engineering. Some commentators suggest the use of "our image" vs my image in Genesis supports the idea. This does in no way negate the presence of a Supreme Higher Power of the Universe, in my view. (2.) The comments on the Hyksos are fascinating. Do you think they may have been/are the original Jewish tribes of Palestine? I am trying to do two lectures/day now. Thank You so much for your remarkable work. ToddMorgantownWVUS
Bruce: In your lecture Re: the Sumerian texts you pointed out their concept of a constant battle between order and disorder. We know from thermodynamics(entropy) that the "natural" order is a drive to disorder or randomness. The texts are correct on this. To create life-order- there must be an input of energy so to speak. The question is :where is it-the driving force for order- coming from. It is probably not the sun .The sun itself is deteriorating into disorder. There is a higher power involved and there is a constant "effort" to create order or combat disorder per the Sumerian concept. One might view the Resurrection in this way: a reversal of death-or disorder- via a higher power influence.( We know from our own lives that after around age 21 a gradual disorder or deterioration sets in - eventually leading to death of the physical body.) The Sumerian texts have a correct concept- a constant ongoing order vs disorder battle on Earth.ToddMorgantownWVUS
Thank you for sharing your learnings. I really appreciate your lecture on the teachings of Hammurabi and Moses. It is my best link in tile #19 on the website This new website is designed to counter the tsunami of falsehood in the mainstream media. God bless you and your family.TomRocky ViewABCanada
Dear Bruce, My name is Tommy Lindén and I´m part of a leadership team in a small church in Lund, Sweden. I recently bought your book Historical Context of the Bible, and now I watch the same videos on Youtube. I find your teaching very interesting and helpful. May God bless you and your family a lot, and if you ever come to Sweden, come an visit us. Tommy Lindén tommy.linden@add.seTommyHöör Sweden
dear mr Gore, thank you so much for making these available, you have a wonderful teaching style{ reminds me of dr john gerstner] i listen while on the road.RussellMiddle islandNYUnited States
Thank you for your teaching on Jason Lee. I do have several observations about your presentation: There were five, not three, on the mission lead by Jason Lee, his nephew, Daniel Lee, teacher Cyrus Shepherd, and two laborers, William Walker and Phillip Edwards. The date of the intrepid faithful Nez Perce was 1831 AD, not 1832 AD as stated and is a common error because of using some early manuscripts that had stated this was the date. See "Jason Lee, Prophet of New Oregon", by Brosnan for the most accurate info regarding the mission. However, the far superior text regarding a Providential perspective is "Missionary History of the Pacific NW" by HK Hines. Having God's view on this and all of history is key in understanding what God has done and is doing. (unfortunately, Hines is one of the main resources for some incorrect dates but otherwise excellent). The Mission Bottom" is called that because it was "bottom land" land that was low and often flooded. Jason Lee was no more a "Canadian" than is my granddaughter who was born in Japan. J. L. father moved to Standstead area believing he was in USA. The Lee family all considered themselves Americans and as you know citizenship and national boundaries were a very fluid matter far from what we are used to today. The process of informing the eastern church of the four Nez Perce Indians and their plea for the "Whiteman's Book of Heaven" that you gave gives a misdirection of the actual event, I suggest you review the "Jason Lee, Prophet of New Oregon" for more accuracy. The Great Reinforcement" was by the way, was also known by "Mayflower of the West", after the ship they came on as it was similar in nature to that of the Pilgrims. I would encourage you to emphasis. Jason Lee most certainly did live in the house called "The Jason Lee house" from 1841AD to 1843 AD, and the same place where the germ of our government and educational system started, no other place that I'm aware of in all of the world where you can go to the actual room where these two institutions started, are you? I have asked this question for decades w/o an answer: Do you know of anytime where an indigenous people went to such lengths (~2,000 miles), through enemy territory, w/o knowing where they were actually going or for whom, also established the mission, church, educational system, as well as intiation of gov't that is still in place to this day? This is nothing short of a miraculous work of God. I would encourage you to make the emphisis of this story as a work of God, to make it clear this was primarily God's work, not man's. When all that is given for history is "Dates and Dead People", we miss the most important point of all history, God is Sovereign, Holy, Righteous, Just, Loving and at work in every time with every person everywhere to His glorious end. "Washington" was not the one who put up a statue of J.L., it is the policy of the Federal gov't to offer for every state to submit one or two statues to be placed in Statuary Hall, it was the legislator of Oregon that made the submission and paid for the statue along with John McLaughlin, "Father of Oregon", which should not be his characterized name, if anyone should have that designation it should be J. L. By the way, the Oregon Legislature has attempted to remove J. L. statue from Statuary Hall in the past five legislative sessions, thank God, to their failure, but this will likely occur as the growing disdain for anything Christian, Godly, Biblical or true takes over more and more of culture (religion) eg education, gov't, science, history, expected norms, what is good and bad,... I do very much giving a "Macedonian Call of the West" out to your listeners to "go" as Christ calls us (Mt. 28:18-20), "Our business is to send the Gospel...the primary object of the enterprise, which is, the salvation of the souls of the people in that region." Christian Advocate and Journal, April 5, 1839 AD, XIII, p. 130 I offer tours of the Christian Heritage of the NW, primarily in Salem each summer (for the past ~20 years), let me know if you, your church or anyone would like to go on these tours. Vaughn D. Longanecker 503-709-0779 VaughnBeavertonORUS
Thank you very much for these useful videos. The depth and insight contained in each lesson is so valuable and gives greater understanding of the context of the Scriptures. VusalThief River FallsMNUS
I'm having difficulty finding all the Revelation lessons in order on YouTube. Would it be possible to purchase a CD or flash drive with all you lessons. I appreciate them immensely! [REPLY: The entire series can be found at my YouTube Playlist, The Apocalypse in Space and Time.]WindellRogersvilleAlabamaUnited States
Dr. Gore. I NEED YOUR GUIDANCES. Studying for my MA History Degree. Currently reading Polybius and Livy for a class on Ancient Rome. In the discourse and needing better understanding, I found your teachings on Alexander the Great and his successors. During the past two days, I have been notified of the historical disparities of the Book of Daniel and the historical events which you've outlined. I am DEEPLY committed to my studies and Bible studies and have never been so confused. Are the accounts as written by Daniel authentic and accurate; or, were these events written by Maccabean pseudo scholarship and "incorporated" into the Book of Daniel? As a historian-in-training", it is incumbent that FACTS and AUTHORSHIP be CREDITABLE. How do I argue my case concerning Polybius' "tyche" (Fortune) with the account of Daniel's foretelling of these events? My professor was completely "in-the-dark" concerning Daniel Chapters 8 and 11. Thank you, sir.BillPalestineTexasUSA
Hi Bruce. I wanted to leave my opinion in the public feedback section. I came across this website by pure chance, while I was doing an online course on the Assyrian Empire. Since then, my wife gave me your book as a Christmas present and I am enjoying the video resources that you have accumulated and uploaded over the years. I love the way you systematically present history through the Bible’s lens, making the whole experience entertaining and pleasant. Congratulations for such a superb tool in the benefit of so many people. I think you are doing a fantastic job combining history and Bible study. May God bless you. XavierMadridMadridEspaña